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Acutonics is a system of energetic medicine that uses tuning forks of various frequencies to access and transform the body’s energetic system.  It is a deeply harmonic approach that is based on sound vibration.  This unique modality integrates the ancient Taoist teachings about the meridians, pre-meridians, and the immaterial body with the knowledge of Oriental Medicine, Cosmological Studies, Depth Psychology, Contemporary Science, and Sound Healing principals.

On the most basic level, we all have likely experienced how music can invoke specific emotions such as joy, sadness, and relaxation. It can help us achieve a meditative state, or motivate us to work out a little longer or harder, or to run a little farther. The power of music and sound is gaining recognition as having a role in therapy and healing.

The human body is approximately 70% water; our bones and marrow contain nearly 25% water, and sound travels four times faster in water than in air, thus the human body becomes a natural resonator for sound.  Every organ/tissue has its own cycle, rhythm, pattern, and pulse.  These body systems respond to sound vibration, as do our spiritual, mental, and emotional states of consciousness.  Each fork is precision calibrated to represent a specific vibratory energy, with its own unique frequency and properties.  These frequencies are applied directly to acupuncture points and areas of pain to achieve specific actions according to the pattern(s) of imbalance. Particular frequencies have balancing effects on physical, emotional, or etheric levels and resonate with particular organ systems and tissues.  For example, when Mars and Venus forks are combined together the musical interval created has an "opening" effect, which represents a balance between yin and yang, male and female, head and heart.  

I became interested in this modality because of its distinct ability to manipulate the acupuncture needles in a gentle and relaxing way, while accessing the emotional and spiritual realms of healing.   

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